Language Classes

Umatilla and Nez Perce-Cayuse Languages

Our community language classes are multigenerational and cover a wide range of curriculum topics. They are delivered via Zoom and will continue through 2022.  Please join at any time!


Imatalamłaamí Sɨ́nwit

Umatilla Language Classes are recorded and available on our YouTube Channel: CTUIR Language Program - YouTube  

Resource: Umatilla Language Online Dictionary – ČÁWNA MÚN NÁAMTA. ‘We Shall Never Fade’ (

Umatilla Sahaptin/Ičiškíin Keyboard:

Language Program Contact: 


Sapsikʷałá Táwtalikš

Master Speaker Fred Hill, Sr.,

Time: Thursdays at 11:00 AM

Zoom Link:

Zoom Meeting ID: 957 7052 8217

Zoom Passcode: sinwit

Sapsikʷałá Alikalát

Instructor Damien Totus,

Time: Wednesdays and Fridays at 11:00 AM

Zoom Link:

Zoom Meeting ID: 532 735 9037

Zoom Passcode: 8MtfGt



Nez Perce-Cayuse Language

Sepehitemenew̓éet Talwíitan̓may

Instructor Kristen Parr,

Time: Tuesdays at 12:00 PM

Zoom Link:

Zoom Meeting ID: 810 1324 3353

Zoom Passcode: 501713