Meeting the needs of learners

The Education Department will ensure that the Education policies, systems, infrastructure, and capacity meet the needs of the CTUIR community of learners.

The CTUIR Department of Education is responsible for providing education services and opportunities to all Indians living on or near the Umatilla Reservation. The Department works closely with local school districts to improve relations that will help Indian students and continues to seek new ideas and improve its programs on a continual basis. The contact information below.


Adult Basic Education
phone (541) 429-7825
This program provides services to any client 16 years or older to complete a General Education Diploma, Basic High School Diploma, and Adult Basic High School Diploma. This program also provides life-solving problems skills, pre-employment classes, history classes, and contemporary issue courses that the clientele may request.


Higher Education and Adult Vocational Training
phone (541) 429-7825
This program provides scholarships to Tribal members whose goal is to earn a degree/certificate from an accredited college/university and or vocational certification program.


CTUIR Internship Program
phone (541) 429-7825
The CTUIR Internship program is for Tribal member college students only who are taking six credits (part-time) to 12 + credits (full-time college students).
The application is available on the CTUIR website the Education Department documents and forms.


CTUIR Summer Youth Employment Program
Phone (541) 429-7825
Tribal member youth and members of other tribes are eligible if they are ages 14 through 18. Youth are eligible if they are in high school through their senior year. No applications are being taken at this time.


Átaw Miyánašma Learning Center
phone (541) 429-7873
Provides early childhood education services to 40 children, infants through age 5. This program services tribal employees, Wildhorse Resort employees, and parents of the reservation community.


Cay-Uma-Wa Head Start
phone (541) 429-7836
The Cay-Uma-Wa Head Start program began in September of 1994 and serves 40 students.


Youth Service Program
phone (541) 429-7887
This program works with students, parents and teachers, tutors students, and who provides culture programs for schools and monitors attendance in several school districts where Indian students attend. Provides education services to Indian students from K-12 by assisting students with tutoring, one on one academic counseling, referrals and working with teachers, parents, and counselors for the students overall success in school. Coordinators work with Pendleton, Athena-Weston, Pilot Rock, and Helix school districts.


Language Program
phone (541) 429-7864
This program is developing curriculum and teaching classes to reestablish the three native languages spoken by Tribal members on the Umatilla Reservation: Nez Perce (Cayuse), Walla Walla, and Umatilla.


After School Education Program
phone (541) 429-7845
An Integration of educational, cultural, and recreational activities to build upon the skills of children in grades K-3. Students enjoy a quality school setting that strives to meet their individual needs and give them an excellent beginning to a lifetime of learning.


Summer School
phone (541) 429-7887
Provides a five to six week summer school for three hours a day for K-12 students. Certified teachers are utilized and the curriculum is fun and educational. High school credits are also earned for the local high schools.